Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Beware the Ides of March, famous line from Shakespeare’s play about Julius Caesar. Probably not based in fact but it is a compelling piece of drama. Tuesday, March 15th 2011 I sure hope that the nuclear reactors in Japan can be stabilized and avoid meltdown. I know that there are more safety measures than 20 years ago but nothing is guaranteed. It has become a triple whammy of earthquake-tsunami-radiation release. Radiation would make the area uninhabitable and cause problems for many years. Having it release over the ocean will just poison the sea and spread it around the world.

Watched my neighbor get his 40+-year-old tree cut down. A crew of eight dismantled decades of growth in two hours. It had lost some large branches during the past couple years and was dying. I was concerned for the safety of the crew because no one wore a hard hat. The two guys wielding chainsaws neither wore neither eye goggles nor ear headsets to protect their hearing. I have a linden tree in my boulevard space, which is slowly splitting in two. Technically, it belongs to the city so they will have to take it down. I just have to coordinate with them the removal of the roots because digging will disrupt the plants growing there. I have always had an affinity towards trees, it is sad when they have to be chopped down. I reuse and then recycle all the paper products in my home. The exception of course is toilet paper; I do let that flush away.

I’m busy with meetings the next couple days and not sure about Friday. Due to the melting of snow causing flooding throughout the area I will probably volunteer. I don’t know in what capacity, yet. I am a trained volunteer with a couple VOAD groups (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster). For a list in your area consult the national website at www.nvoad.org

Enjoy the Ides!
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