Friday, March 18, 2011


Wednesday, March 16th 2011
“It is Onaabani Giizis (March) which refers to the month when the snow has formed a solid crust on top. The great significance of this is that after a long winter and depleted resources, the people were able to more easily travel through the forest in search of game or to have access to caches that may have been inaccessible through the deep winter snow. Iskigamizige Giizis (April) the sap boiling moon of course refers to the gathering of the syrup and sugar making,” written by a Red Lake-MN enrollee and a friend of mine. Happy Sugarbush!!!

Attended a Board of Directors meeting for a nonprofit. It was an okay meeting but I’m just not feeling connected to the organization anymore. Perhaps its because I'm not working in this profession and don't have a personal stake anymore. I will fulfill my term this year and then resign.

St. Patrick’s Day
Coordinated a small gathering regarding public policy issues for the nonprofit organization where I am a member of the Board. Disappointed that so few people attended. This is the first time that we have dedicated any effort to politics so I guess it can be considered a foundation year. We have to become active in advocating for our cause because resources are limited and there is a lot of competition.

A gas line exploded in Minneapolis today. I didn’t hear about it until I returned home from my meeting. Fortunately, no one was hurt though several cars were melted. It certainly could have been worse. I know someone who is in Japan on a tour with a group. I was rather surprised that the group departed on Saturday knowing that they were going to a country dealing with a major disaster. I suppose that they can concentrate on the area not directly affected. Disaster starts local but the impact is always larger than the local geographic jurisdiction.

Did not attend any St. Pat’s celebrations. I really like Irish music but don’t enjoy the crowds or drunks. Plus, I can’t afford beer priced twice as expensive since it is dyed green. I’d rather attend the Irish Fest during the summer on Harriet Island in St. Paul, MN.

Friday, March 18th 2011
Feeling blasé today. Melancholy that I wasn’t offered the job from the interview on Monday, even though I didn’t want the position. Rejected by a second health insurance company for coverage, which is irritating and frightening. They said I have a pre-existing condition – what? I’m neither currently ill nor have I even had to see a doctor for quite a while. Bastards! I want to have insurance but I am denied. Still rather sad that yesterday’s event was not well attended. Clouds don't help my mood. Perhaps I'll go out for a walk.

Its almost spring for the northern hemisphere.
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