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Tuesday, March 22nd
Listened to rain alternating with hail all night long. About two inches of rain fell on the frozen ground. In the morning Tillie wanted to be held and her paws were wet. I had not spilled any liquids on the floor and she hadn’t tipped over the water-bowl (which she does about once per week). The only other option was the basement, where I discovered it seeping in. Ugh.

This old house is nearly 100 years old and seepage has probably always been a problem. The basement remains unfinished and the floor was not pitched in to drain water to the drain-pipes. I pulled off some old moldy drywall a couple months ago and washed the floor so at least the seepage wasn’t dirty. Squeegeed the floor, mopped up what I could, and set three fans on timers to send a breeze over the dampest part of the floor. Turned on the dehumidifier and hoped it would not become a flood.

Drove to the Minneapolis Convention Center for the first day of the Multicultural Forum on Workplace Diversity. Smaller crowd today since the workshops were focused on a specific topic. At least the rain stopped. Got done about 5pm and went to a meeting about flood preparations. Up to 25,000 people in Minnesota could get displaced by the rising waters. I’m fortunate to only have a puddle in the basement.

Wednesday, March 23rd
Awoke to six inches of snow. I didn’t bother to shovel since snow continued to fall. Drove very slowly to the convention center since buses were getting stuck. Took the back streets so that I could crawl along at 10 miles per hour. I was elated to arrive safely. I fear getting injured or ill since I have not been able to procure health insurance.

About 800 people at the Forum, how wonderful! It is so nice to be with like-minded people. It is refreshing not to have to explain why diversity and inclusion are necessary. Diversity is about anything that may make a person unique, which is actually any demographic. Inclusion is accepting the differences. I neither have the right to judge others nor do they have the right to judge me. Note: illegal behaviors are not an issue of diversity but of violating a cultural norm (such as multiple spouses in the USA). Behavior is not about a demographic but about what has been taught as acceptable by society and personal choice.

The drive home was a bit better but I felt exhaused. Dragged out the wimpy snow-blower and cleared a path in the back sidewalk, front sidewalk and did about half the driveway. Peter wanted to go out for his birthday so I met him, Mitch, and Taylor at a local restaurant. I was too tired to cook but it was nice to be with friends. I went home, shoved the leftovers in the fridge and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and didn’t make the cats go into the basement to sleep due to the water and the sound of the fans and dehumidifier.

Thursday, March 24th
Slept well. Faster drive to the Forum. People were happy but tired. Diversity is an emotional subject. No one wants to be called a racist, bigot or be considered prejudicial unless is it a “cause” for them like the skinheads. I grew up in a covert racist community. There was an active Klu Klux Klan until the 1960s and they ran out a family who had adopted two African-American children during the early 1970s. I was appalled because I knew the family and the kids were nice. The Vietnamese families were allowed to move in because they had helped our soldiers and the Mexican-Texas families were around during the summer to help pick crops. Since my grandpa was part Native American, I was extra sensitive. I’ve called some of my family members racist and they didn’t like it at all. I refuse to be silent.

The most interesting session at the Forum was about social media. It is huge with diverse communities as a method to connect. I enjoy visiting Facebook once per week but it doesn’t replace contact with a real human who has a pulse. Tweeter can be informative but the blurbs are too brief. I like blogging but I’m not sure if anyone is reading this. If you are, please become an official “follower” otherwise I just may quit.

Meloncholy that the Forum is over for another year. I hope to maintain communication with others via this blog, Facebook and Twitter. Please connect with me there!!

Friday, March 25th
The basement has stopped leaking due to the drop in temperature. I still have a couple fans blowing and the dehumidifier humming. It always takes several days for everything to dry out. The furnace is aiding in this effort by warming the air and sending exhaust up the chimney. I would have liked to attend the clothing sale at Dress For Success but I didn’t want to expend the energy.

Interview for Position #4 at a company. Met with two people, my potential boss and co-worker. They both were nice. Apparently 80 people applied and they are meeting with 10. I don’t have the direct database experience for the position. I do have the “intangible” skills of personnel management so I hope to get called back for a second interview. I want to work. I just need to earn enough to pay the bills and be in a positive environment. At least they didn’t react badly when I told them that I had been fired from my last job.

I was planning to submit this blog on Friday afternoon but my computer froze. Frightful. I can’t afford to get it fixed. It is a pain in the butt to use the computer for job search at the library when they limit you to one hour and the Workforce Center is always crowded. Much less stress to look for a job from home.

Happy day!
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