Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Saturday, March 26th
Went out with friends to the St. Clair Broiler at Randolph and St. Clair Avenues in St. Paul. It used to be a neighborhood grill but now it a part of a chain of “diners.” The food was good but the prices were a bit high. I don’t really like corporate restaurants, the menu is generally limited to best sellers and you don’t have any contact with the owner. I like knowing the person(s) who have a direct stake in what they sell. Most corporations only care about profit. Ferengi!

I miss Star Trek on television. I like the Next Generation the best but Deep Space Nine and Voyager are fine. Enterprise didn't get interesting until just before it ended (bad writing). I don't have a DVD player so I can't even procure the discs to watch. The movies range from great to laughable. The most recent film as too much action-action-action and not enough character development. Sci Fi helps us dream of a different place and time.

Sunday, March 27th
Jerabek’s New Bohemian Bakery is wonderful. It is tucked up the hill and behind the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul. They use old recipes and bake from scratch every day. Wonderful food and reasonable prices. I met some friends there (different from yesterday) to celebrate a birthday. Yum!

Decided to relax and read a book. “The Stone Gods” by Jeanette Winterston very good first half but the second half is more like two short stories that she blended. They should have stood alone as short stories because they did not match the strength of the first half of the book.

Monday, March 28th
Applied for MN Comprehensive Health Association insurance since my COBRA ran out and I have been declined by both Medica and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota for minor “pre-existing” conditions. The plan costs twice as much and offers less coverage than a regular health plan for individuals. However, I don’t have a choice I must have health insurance. If something catastrophic would occur, I would have to pay for it all and I would lose the house. That is an untenable option. I am glad that Governor Dayton has opened the MCHA for bidding to get the cost down.

Tuesday, March 29th
Ran errands. Sunny weather. Thankfully, the rivers aren’t flooding as badly as they had feared last week since it has been cooler lately. However, a second crest is coming for most rivers and it will be higher than the first. The Red River Valley will get hit hard this year and they are just starting to melt. It will be several months before the water has begun to ebb. Rain is not needed until the ground thaws.

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