Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am so sick and tired of dogs hogging the limelight. It is not the animal’s fault but the humans involved. Canines get more attention from the media, larger section at the pet store, frequent veterinary appointments, and public adoration. I love dogs AND I love cats. They are both special for different reasons. I grew up with a dog in the house and cats outside on the farm.

There are so many myths floating around about cats. Two cats share my abode, Zozo and Tillie, Momo died last year. I’ve written about their antics in previous blogs. My felines are very affectionate and expressive. They want to cuddle and be in the same room with me. They cry when I shut the bathroom door with them on the other side. I can understand a lot from the tone of their vocalizations, aka Meow-lish. They display a range of expression on their furry faces and body language. People who distain cats should spend three days with some affectionate felines and perhaps their hearts will open.

No, I am not into spoiling or pampering my cats. I am a servant for their companionship. I make certain that they have regular veterinary appointments, good food, fresh water, cleaned out litter box, trim their nails monthly (much to their chagrin), toys, space to run around, and affection. They are spayed and keep their front nails (they have never damaged furniture). I do indulge their tummy rub request at least once per day. Visitors to our home give the cats treats and that makes the felines happy to greet guests. They stay inside because it is safer in an urban environment.

I really want a dog but cannot afford one until I am gainfully employed. Plus, dogs are so social that they need at least two people around and I’m single. If I could take the canine to work with me or could afford to drop it off at doggy “day care” a couple times per week, I would definitely add a canine or two to our home. I’m sure that Zozo and Tillie would have fun with a pet puppy.

Cats are cool.
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