Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Life offers unending challenges but it is imperative to be thankful for the positive aspects of ones own existence. Here are my top ten thanks for 2011.

You: Blog Readers (viewing my odd opinions)
Friends: My Logical Family (loving relationships of choice)
Felines: ZoZo and Tillie (furballs of love)
Unemployment Checks: Extended Benefits (financial safety net)
Food Shelf (fills the tummy)
Heatshare: Energy Assistance Program (warms the home)
Faith Community (soul food)
My This Old House (love it though it needs repairs)
Garden Growth (flora, fauna, edibles, and critters)
Library & Art Crawls/Fairs (brain food)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Attitude of Gratitude.
© 2011 Ima B. Musing

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