Monday, November 21, 2011


Friday, November 18th, was an exhausting day. Traveled twenty miles to interview number fifteen and it went well. I am one of three finalists but I have learned not to get my hopes elevated. I have to obtain and accept a job offer to end this unemployment journey. I have been ready for over a year and a half…

As I was walking into the interview my cell phone rang. I answered since few people have my number. It was one of the companies who visited the house on Thursday to submit a bid for the furnace replacement. They sent their bids to the Repair Program Coordinator who is in charge of crisis work. One bid was accepted and that company called me. Apparently they were planning to start at 8:30am and could not find me home. Apparently, the Repair Program Coordinator had forgotten to inform me.

The interview took about an hour. I am acquainted with the Executive Director so I told her that I was a little preoccupied with furnace issues. She was sympathetic and we had a good discussion. I would enjoy the organization and work. The only challenges would be the long commute and not quite full-time. However, I would say yes.

Zoomed home, changed clothes, and prepared for the replacement. Toted cat paraphernalia up from the basement including the litter box, food, and refreshed their water on first floor. I didn’t want the cats to get in the way or dirty during the procedure. Plus, they might run out an open door. The basement isn’t too messy but I moved aside some boxes that I had taken out from under the stairs during the swampy summer. I have to improve ventilation in that area before I return the boxes. Unblocked the basement access door and waited.

The replacement crew arrived a bit after noon. Friendly guys who just wanted to get to work so I showed them the way. After they hooked up the draining hose I opened the standing radiators to bleed water out of the system. It took almost eight hours to tear out the 56 year old radiator, which weighed almost 300 pounds, put down a chimney liner, and install a new 83% efficiency system. Lots of pounding and horrific sounds terrified poor Zozo. She hid behind the couch most of the time.

The new model is about a third the size of the old one. When I moved in nine years ago the entire house would rattle when it turned on. I added some insulation to the pipes in the basement so the rattle was reduced to a low hum. The new system is so quiet that it purrs. I hope that it will reduce my heating bill accordingly. A thirty percent drop in cost would be wonderful. My body doesn’t tolerate cold as well so perhaps I can keep the house a bit warmer this year.

I am profoundly grateful to the Energy Assistance Program for paying for the replacement. I was rather panicked about the cost of $4,000. I qualify due to low-income status. The Federal Government works to help people in need because I have no other resources. I’d much rather pay for it on my own but unemployment sucks. As soon as I am financially able, I shall donate to the Heatshare Program. They saved my home from freezing, literally. It snowed three inches on Saturday and the temperature remained below freezing for nearly two days.

Warm thoughts.
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