Monday, November 14, 2011


Victims are never to blame. A child never coerces an adult into a sexual situation. The victim is tricked, bullied, threatened, seduced, beaten, or talked into an inappropriate interaction. Pedophiles are predators. They stalk their prey and leave a trail of broken lives.

I was sexually assaulted by my step-grandfather when I was a young child. He threatened my siblings and I into silence. I submerged the memories until I was in my 20s and they came back in a flood. I was overwhelmed and frightened. It explained the nightmares and fear of being touched by a male (even my best friend who was gay). I eventually went to therapy and it helped. Occasionally, I have nightmares or jump when touched but I can’t quite shake the fear of men. Perhaps that is why I remain unmarried. I will forever be haunted by the abuse, which occurred more than 40 years ago. No one protected me from harm.

Every single person at Penn State who was aware of the sexual abuse must be fired and have his or her pension revoked. Period. End of discussion. The only exceptions are the subordinates who feared for their jobs, they could keep their pension. The supervisors who knew about the abuse created an atmosphere where it was tolerated. The glorification of sports is part of the problem. A criminal is a criminal; it doesn’t matter about his or her physical abilities. Penn State students must be educated so that protests are made against the criminals, not the victims. Anyone at the Police Department who did not take action should be fired, too.

Mandated Reporter Law exists to protect children under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults. Anyone who is aware that someone is being sexually, physically, mentally, or financially abused is REQUIRED BY LAW to report it to their supervisor. The supervisor is then required to follow organizational protocol to protect the victim(s), document the abuse, and contact law enforcement within 24 hours. Law Enforcement is then required to act upon the information and protect the child or vulnerable adult. If the supervisor doesn’t report the abuse, then it is the responsibility of the subordinate to contact law enforcement directly.

They all have “blood” on their hands for not stopping the predator from claiming more victims. They are Accessories to the crime. Criminal and civil action must be taken against them. The County Prosecutor must persue all involved. Penn State officials must internally punish all people who were a part of the conspiracy. They and all learning institutions must make certain that nothing like this ever occurs again.

If you know of a child, vulnerable adult or anyone being abused report it. Don’t sit there and be passive because you then give permission for the pain to continue. If you are being abused, report it. You deserve not to be harmed. Even if the abuse occurred years ago, get help. Attend therapy and heal your soul. It took me several years and three different licensed counselors(art therapy worked the best for me), but it was worth it.

Support all victims.
© 2011 Ima B. Musing

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