Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Each signature written in blood adds to the walking dead, the No New Tax Pledge Zombies. Their infected kin lurch through the corridors of Congress and all levels of government. They feed upon reasonable ideas and bring deathly stalemate to the democratic political process. Bitter Tea Party and the Americans For Tax Reform Retrobates act like the mafia thugs to strong-arm elected officials into joining their ranks and seek to destroy anyone who opposes them. Tax Zombies are no longer fully human.

Yes, government must be fiscally responsible and operate in a cost efficient manner. Since the cost of living or inflation rises each year, the price to operate government at the same level increases yearly. It is foolish to believe that taxes should not be increased at the same rate. Government exists for logical reasons. No government would be anarchy and we have seen the results in Somalia. Millions of people displaced and killed due to war and no government for many years.

I had hoped that the currently elected members of Congress and the Minnesota Legislature would stave off the zombies. They must see the error of no compromise and implement reasonable reform. Americans must not re-elect anyone who will not retract their so-called Taxpayer Protection Pledge signature. A few brave souls have and they must be supported in their reelection efforts. John Huntsman is the only wise Republican candidate for President who refuses to sign the pledge in his blood.

We need a strong pro-government, pro-tax group. The Occupy Wall Street aka Occupy Movement is a countermeasure but it hasn’t been able to stave off the Tax Zombies. Use logic as the weapon to bring life back into government. Support positive candidates and vote.

Raise my taxes, please.
© 2011 Ima B. Musing

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