Monday, November 28, 2011


Terribly disappointed not to have been offered the job that I interviewed for on the 18th. It would have been a good match. I have an interview for a part time position later this week, position #16. Painful to be frequently rejected for such a sustained period of time.

Multitude of hours spent in front of a computer applying for 348 jobs, thus far. Numerous employers, including the federal government, have cumbersome application processes. I am willing to work for a corporation though my heart lies elsewhere. I expanded my search to include part-time and contract work. Part-time with no benefits is cruel. I should at least get pro-rated benefits at 50% of a regular full-time employee. However, I will take any job that I can procure.

My extended unemployment benefits will be ending soon. By no means did I expect to exhaust them. I have never had so much trouble locating employment. It is frustrating and rather frightening. I fear a catastrophe that would cost money. I panicked when the furnace ceased to function. My accounts are dwindling at the credit union. Many employers don’t hire from Thanksgiving until mid-January. I’ll just sign up with temporary agencies and do that for a while. I am sick and tired of searching for employment. I don’t have anyone to fall back on for financial assistance. My friends provide emotional support but I know enough not to ask for money.

Winter is a lousy time to be unemployed. Cold and cloudy days don’t improve my mood. I keep the house cool at 56 degrees to save on heating costs. Holidays add extra pressure because people expect happiness. I don’t feel happy right now. I’m worried and stressed. I don’t want a handout; I just want a full time job with benefits that pays the bills.

One bright note is the Tea Tasting Event at Mrs. Kelly’s Tea this weekend, December 3rd and 4th. It is located in the old Grain Belt Brewery Warehouse in NE Minneapolis. Social entrepreneur activity with donations benefiting charity of a $2 admission or food shelf item. Delicious and exotic teas to sample and food vendors, too. They have some of the best tea that I have ever consumed. The Green Tea Jasmine Pearls don’t taste like a swamp. More information is at Hope to sip with you there.

Hire me, please!
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