Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The wounds run deep with horrific consequences in the Native American Indian community, regardless of where the descendent resides. Fear and pain cause negative behavior resulting in deplorable statistics. At one time, we were 100% of the continent’s population but oppression began as soon as the first settler declared the land as theirs.

The resulting systematic genocidal effort significantly shrunk the Native American population. The Indian Residential Boarding School System wrought some of the deepest and continuing tragedies. Armando Gutierrez G., a powerful artist, challenged me to explore the issue further. I had been stating that some members of the Native American community are dealing with “Suppressed Sorrow” but it may be a more intensive “Paralyzing Pain/Fear” due to the generational trauma. Extreme stress may render a person helpless, they are not able to think clearly or make good decisions.

Everyone reacts to trauma differently, it is important not to over-generalize. Not every Native American was directly affected by the Indian Residential Boarding School System. Not every Native American cares about it. However, a significant number of Native Americans are trying to live with the aftereffects of the trauma. Sadly, the pain and fear will continue to burden future generations unless we boldly expose the truth and seek reconciliation for ourselves. Everyone is cordially invited to join our petition on Facebook. We welcome all supporters to establish this effort throughout the United States of America. It’s for the children.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the USA will be established to contribute to truth, healing and reconciliation between Native American Indian Nations and the United States of America.

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Mr. Guiterrez’s website is AgutierrezG.com He is interested in learning about Clan Mothers.

Save the Children!
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