Friday, May 3, 2013


The space-time continuum seems to speed up when I am rushed. Barely recovered from my month-long cold when I fell into a frantic phase. Worked, alas, part time. Picked up a neighbor from a medical appointment. Taught a class one night and attended a gathering with my faith community the next evening. Dropped off books to the library. Attended two meetings. Volunteered at a fundraiser. Coordinated a Cash Mob St Paul MN gathering, and walked around a wee bit at the St. Paul Art Crawl. Searched for jobs and took a typing test at the Workforce Center (60 words per minute). Attended one birthday party and then a separate gathering of friends. Dug up rhubarb bulbs for a couple cousins. Our ancestors brought the rhubarb with them from Prussia and it is a fabulous ruby variety. Traveled and participated in a Board of Directors meeting. Joined a communal supper with a group from my faith community. Plus, shoveled and dealt with stuff at home.

No wonder that cats pester me when I am home, they need attention too. No time to sit around and scratch their ears or rub their tummy. I make certain that they have food, water and a cleaned out litter box. I will admit to occasionally forgetting but they neither starved nor were harmed by a rank toilet. The back porch began to reek. Toted the food scraps that I had temporarily stored in old gallon ice cream containers out to the compost bin. It is impossible to add material to a frozen compost heap during the winter. Packed for an overnight trip to a conference. Upon my return I hosted two gatherings, a book-club soiree and then a potluck supper group the next night. Cleaning is a dreaded chore. It’s a bit disturbing to discover mystery food stuffed into the recesses of the refrigerator. However, I do enjoy hosting and making people happy. Leftovers are always lovely.

No time to breathe at work. I’m attempting to do full-time work during part-time hours. My boss wanted me to help at a client gathering and I declined. He was upset but I told him that I had to focus on client needs more than a party. Now that the weather is finally beginning to warm, there are more tasks to do. Our database is horrible and I have to call each client at least once. I don’t have a telephone headset despite several requests. I share my tiny office with a loud person, no window, and no locks. I am fearful that client records will be stolen. I really dislike the job but am desperate for some income. No benefits and my savings continue to dwindle.

I apologize for this whiney entry. Sometimes I just need to moan and complain. At least the weather is improving. Two days of spring and its summer! I look forward to having time to tidy the vegetable and flower beds (its too early to rake). If you have ever enjoyed reading this blog, please consider assisting my existence via “Feed the Kitty” Thank you ever so much!

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