Friday, May 31, 2013


Saddened by the lack of characters of normal appearance. I’d like to read about the exploits of an average looking person who is a bit overweight with aches and pains but still manages to have an adventure.

Music of Ghosts by Sallie Bissell Three Worms
Victim should never be described on the back flap of a book, it ruined the first chapter. Murder mystery featuring a Native American woman! Subtle stereotypes besmirched a solid storyline.

The Bones of the Old Ones by Howard Andrew Jones Three Worms
Segment of an ongoing series. Entertaining with chase scenes that would translate well in a movie. Nice to encounter a positive portrayal of Muslim heroes, though the females are routinely chided. Good humor though the conclusion was hasty.

Star Wars: Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn Three Worms
Reads like a screenplay and sanctioned by Lucasfilm. Fills in part of Han Solo’s life between movies IV and V. Complicated storyline and a lot of action. A few wee logic issues but mostly salient. There is a lot of literature for Star War fans available.

The People of Tomorrow are Not Afraid by Shani Boianjiu Two and a Half Worms
Droning adolescence is irritating. Narrative flips from one character to another’s without much ado. Some glimmers of greatness are drowned by the incessant narcissism of the characters.

The Wanting by Michael Lavigne Two and a Half Worms
Disorienting to jump from one character to the next with only a small symbol above their section to denote the change. It would have been much more effective to have Amir visit myriad people affected by his action. The ending was too abrupt.

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A few books have been adjusted from their original rating to be in better alignment. Don’t bother reading anything at 2.5 or below.

© Copyright 2013 Ima B. Musing: all rights reserved.

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