Thursday, May 9, 2013


Minnesota stands on the verge of rejoining the Progressive Universe! Minnesota House of Representatives will vote later today either in favor of Marriage Equity (aka Same-Sex Marriage) or oppose it. I am certain that the House leadership would not of brought the bill to a vote if they feared failure. It will be close but I remain very hopeful. Sadly, I must be at work instead of joining the pellmell at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Once the House votes in favor of the bill, the Senate will vote on Monday, if needed there will be a reconciliation committee. I am certain that the Senate bill will reflect the House bill as to speed up the process. Once it has been passed by both legislative bodies Governor Mark Dayton will sign it into law. Pop open the champagne. Minnesota will make Hubert H. Humphrey proud!

I look forward to the August and fall weddings of the many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender couples that I know. Love is love and you should be able to marry the person that you love. Many Native American tribes and indigenous communities have married LGBT members for eons. It is time for Minnesota and America to reflect reality.

I believe in love!
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