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Marriage should be based on two adults who want to have a permanent bond. Bonding is much more important than gender. As long as the marriage involves two unrelated adults (over the age of 18), it isn’t anyone else’s business. At 5pm today, May 15th, 2013 the State of Minnesota, United States of America will join eleven other states in recognizing marriage equity. Barring frivolous lawsuits, the bill will become Minnesota Law on August 1st, 2013.

I cried tears of joy when the debates ended in positive votes in the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Minnesota Senate. Enthusiastically elated that marriage equity is happening in my lifetime. I called a dear friend who resides in California and blubbered the results. He knows that I have been talking with elected officials about equity since I was a college student. After work I ventured to the home of friends and we went out for a celebratory supper, drank champagne, and were happy.

They have been together for nearly twenty-three years and now will have a choice to get married or “live in sin.” At least they can choose. Their personal commitment to each other will be legally recognized. About ten years ago one of the partners became ill and had to be rushed to the Emergency Room. He was undergoing procedures and lost consciousness. His partner was not legally permitted to make medical discussions, his mom had to be brought in to instruct the doctors. Actually, she did whatever his partner instructed. Thankfully, he recovered but if they had been a heterosexual couple the medical care would not of been delayed by waiting for kin to arrive. The result could have been far worse due to the law.

This is the civil rights issue of the 21st Century. Not too long ago marriage was forbidden between people of different ethnic backgrounds or religions. There was cultural, philosophical, religious, institutional and legal resistance to integration. The efforts of thousands of people took years to get the Civil Rights Act passed and enforced. Too many people were harmed or killed in the process. They were brave and strong. We have not reached parity for everyone but America is a lot better than it was 50 years ago.

People of faith know that The Supreme Being(s) do not make mistakes. Every “gay” person, which includes gay men, lesbian women, bisexual, transgender, intersex, intrasex, queer and questioning people are meant to be. LGBTQ or Rainbow community members are at least 10% of the population. They were not arbitrarily created. Indigenous and many Native American tribes have conducted two-spirit (same-sex) marriages for eons. Agnostics and atheists know that sexuality is a genetic trait. Each person is born with his or her sexuality intact, it isn’t a whim. People do not choose who to love, love chooses them. I knew at an early age that boys were cute…

Legal same-sex matrimony will boost the US economy with more nuptial ceremonies and eventually divorces. I know several couples that have traveled to states and countries to get married even though their union will not be legally recognized in Minnesota until the bill becomes law. One couple moved to New Zealand to procure their rights and they have met many other couples that did the same. We are losing some amazing people because they are seeking equal rights. I am appalled that the Minnesota State Legislature passed a bill in 2011, which placed a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in Minnesota on the ballot in 2012. Minnesota was the first state to reject the repulsive measure. In fact, the authors of the bill should be congratulated, they caused Minnesotans to really discuss the issue and the tide of tolerance washed over their efforts. www.freedomtomarry.org has a lot of information.

A compromise of “Domestic Partnership” or “Civil Unions” is not an acceptable substitution for marriage. Approximately 500 laws and regulations give rights to married people. They would all have to be amended to include domestic partnerships, civil unions, and recognize marriages that are legal in some states and not in others. DOMA must end. The US Supreme Court must rule that all people have equal rights, regardless of their sexuality. A huge number of heterosexual couples would benefit from a domestic partnership and civil union inclusion clause, including my nephew who is raising kids with his “common-law” partner in Texas.

We need to follow the example of the Civil Rights Movement founders; such as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired by the nonviolent actions of Mahatma Gandhi. We need an inspirational person to lead the protests and boycotts. Same-sex marriage or domestic partnership/civil union must be legalized in the United States soon. Period. End of Discussion.

PS I recycled some parts of this posting from an article I wrote in 2011. The words still hold true.

Love don’t know no gender.
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