Thursday, August 8, 2013


Americans pride themselves on being individualistic nonconformists. No self-appointed hereditary leaders (aka royalty) can tell us what to do. Our ancestors rebelled against the Crown Heads of Europe to establish an elective Democracy. We have the freedom to think, say and do almost anything. We are the champions of our own destiny. Right? Ha-ha-ha!

Many citizens of the United States of America suffer from the delusion of individualism. Perhaps a few self-sufficient hermits reside in the countryside qualify but they are an exception. We are interdependent upon others for electricity, clean water, food, waste removal, security, and every other variable of life. Perhaps you can grow your own calories during the warm months. The remainder of the time you must rely upon farmers, processing facilities, and the distribution system.

We are all interconnected. What affects one person affects everyone else. It may not be readily apparent but the whole concept of six degrees of separation is actually a lot closer. Social media shortens the gap. I know that people from around the world read this blog, which boggles my mind. We may never speak in person but somehow my odd life affects the reader’s life. If only to make you smile or laugh for a moment, we are linked. I am honored when people “Friend” me on Facebook because then I can learn more about their lives and make a closer connection. I have a couple Facebook Friends who have a parent with Alzheimer’s. When they write about their sadness, I understand completely. I may never have the opportunity to meet them but we are united in our loss.

I grew up with the concept of “All My Relations.” My grandfather and Dakota (Native American) kin emphasized that we are inextricably joined together. Of course, you have blood-kin who share your DNA and concern extends to others in the neighborhood (your band) and community (the tribal nation). But it doesn’t end there. Relationships broaden to all the affiliated tribal nations and beyond to ALL. ALL as in every creature, plant, and everything seen and unseen.

ALL is sacred, ALL is linked. Every single molecule, atom, quark, and components smaller than the most powerful microscope can examine. Matter, dark matter, its ALL bonded. The connectedness is wider than the sky, beyond what our telescopes can view. Humans are just one type of animal but we are aware. We can wax philosophically. I am thrilled that CERN scientists are proving the All My Relations concept with the Higgs-Boson Particle. It is what many indigenous cultures have taught, long before any written language was created. We are one; one is all. We all have to care about each other and everything seen and unseen. Period. End of Discussion. What have you done to help All Your/Mine/Our Relations today?

ALL is we.
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