Monday, August 19, 2013


Black specks leapt from leg to leg. Oh crap! The mosquitoes are thick this year but inside a house? My calves and feet were covered with leaping critters and now are laden with 100+ welts. Red, itchy and infected mounds of flesh. I am officially flea bitten. An acquaintance from my faith community, Janice, asked me to watch her four cats while she enjoyed a two-week trip. No problem, I like her cats and she would pay me a bit. Unfortunately, she permits two of the critters to venture outside and they brought back fleas before she departed.

On my way to work, I would drop by her house to give the cats food, fresh water, and scoop the poop. She was kind enough to offer her washing machine and I did a load every time that I visited. I then took the cleaned articles home to dry. I switched back and forth with her neighbor so I only had to visit every other day. After a few days the cats began to act lonely so I spent time with them. The result was fleabites. Fleas aren’t deadly but the bite itches for days and feels the worst at night. My lower legs look like they have the chicken pox or measles.

I gingerly searched Janice’s house for flea treatment paraphernalia but found none. I will have to watch my cats for signs of fleas. It only takes one pregnant female or a male and female and I am doomed. Janice only paid me $100 for the two weeks and all that money will probably be spent on fuel and flea treatment. I am totally pissed off that she didn’t bother to rid her house of fleas before she departed. She should have warned me that I could take them home to my cats. I would have bowed out of watching the cats because the cost is too high.

My week had already been hectic. Two friends from out of town are on their annual visit and each wanted to spend time with me. Hours increased at work, which is good, though it still isn’t enough money per hour to pay my bills. A repairperson came to add insulation to my freezer to reduce frost but he didn’t reconnect the fan. Went out with one of my friends, cried at the Dakota War 1862 exhibit at the History Center, got rained on (which was okay), and then my friend’s car got a flat tire at 10pm. Thankfully, his niece was kind enough to drive me home since I had to work the next morning.

To be continued…

Bit and bewildered.
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