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My friend’s daughter, Matilda, begged me to read the Hunger Games series authored by Suzanne Collins so that we would have something new to discuss. I obliged and consumed the books in quick succession, pun intended. Matilda and I had a terrific conversation and she agreed with my rankings. Spoiler alert: characters and plotline will be discussed.

The Hunger Games (first book) Three Worms
Catching Fire (second book) Two and a Half Worms
Mocking Jay (third book) Three and a Half Worms

Of course, the overall review begins with the first book. It covered the material that I already knew from chatter about the movie, which I have not viewed. The main character, Katniss, is filled with internal angst amplified by the horrendous situations that she must face. The storyline is morbid but sadly somewhat plausible. The second book is a bit more hurried. The internal workings of the other characters was lacking. Katniss’ whining and endless physical ailments become rather tedious. The plotline of the final book is foreshadowed so the conclusion is easily anticipated. Katniss would have worn the special suit under her military uniform for the final venture, though.

The series offers a good exploration of the psychological repercussions of war and violence. The final chapters were rushed but show that trauma runs deeply and never truly fades. The three books should have been expanded by at least one more to expose the internal turmoil and make a stronger connection with the second-string characters. However, it the writing is solid with few errors and the series does merit reading.

Battle Royale by Koushun Takami Three worms (Reviewed in 2012)
Disturbingly violent twist on a survival story. Intensely violent with minimal character development. Don’t read if you are prone to nightmares. [Translated]

Ban children warriors.
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