Saturday, August 10, 2013


Why pay for using fancy exercise equipment when you can get in shape at home? My washing machine broke and I don’t have money to replace it so I now wash clothes in the basement sink. I soak them for a day and do the whole splish-splash thing in the deep tub. Wash in the detergent, drain out the dirty water, rinse and slush, rinse and slosh, add some fabric softener when the water looks clear, stir, and drain. I squeeze out as much water as possible and hang up the drenched clothes to drip into the tub for a few hours. Sometimes I leave them overnight to dry a bit before depositing them into the clothes dryer.

Public laundromats really freak me out. I’ve found some really disgusting things in the washing machines and dryers. Another reason why I didn’t enjoy renting an apartment. Bed bugs are often found in laundromats and I don’t need that extra pain in the bum. Though it is a hassle, I’d rather wash my clothes at home rather then schlep them to the shared facilities. It is quite a workout. My arms, back and abdomen feel the repetitive movement for a couple days.

A friend took pity upon my situation and offered her washing machine for my sheets and towels. I was profoundly grateful and was thrilled to get my linens washed properly. I remember Grandma Daisy saying that the washing machine, refrigerator, and the dishwasher were the best inventions because they freed up so much time. I completely understand and agree.

No more stink.
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