Sunday, August 4, 2013


75 degrees Fahrenheit, low dew-point/humidity, light breeze to blow away mosquitoes, partly-cloudy sky, half an inch of rain overnight so it smells of fresh ionized air. Mmm, the perfect summer day. I love to putter in the yard, take a shower and then sit on the porch with the cats. I sip a beverage and read a book while they dream or look out the window.

Owning a home can be a real pain in the buttocks. I hate shoveling, painting, and repairing broken items. I love gardening and sitting on the porch. My century-old+ home has character. It needs constant attention, such as painting but it isn’t bland. I can do what I choose, within budget and reason. Sadly, my budget has evaporated so I can only do repairs with the supplies on hand. So much is delayed by lack of income.

My friend Allie asked if I wanted to sell and I told her no. I still owe about $100 thousand dollars to the bank and the value of the house keeps being dropped by the County. Good for taxes but bad for resale value. $100K is a huge amount of money and I despite being in debt but I hate living in an apartment. I love having a garden and porch. It’s fun to entertain and sit in the backyard with friends. I like being able to play music loudly and knowing my neighbors. They are all friendly and we help each other.

I rarely knew my apartment neighbors. Some were loud and frightful. One lady who lived in the apartment above mine purposefully stomped around at night after I asked her to please observe the building’s quiet hours from 10pm-7am. I was in grad school and needed some quiet time. Another occasion someone brought in huge cockroaches when they moved into the building. Enormous, as in three inches long. I had to get my apartment fumigated. In a different building a dude who lived above me beat up his girlfriend so I called the cops. I had to meet the cops at the front door because I didn’t want him to hear me buzz them into the building. They arrested him and he gave notice. The caretaker complained to me since the man was a “good tenant.”

A bunch of teenagers decided that they didn’t like someone who lived in my building so they lit “McGiver Bombs” in the entryway. It caused a lot of smoke and damaged the tile floor but thankfully they did not include shrapnel or start a fire. After the third bomb I noticed a pattern and called the police. They stupidly sent a marked squad car to sit across the street. There was no bomb that night but the caretaker figured out who it was and spoke with the parents. I started a petition in the building and we lobbied the owner to install security buzzer system. The owners actually installed the buzzers and then used it as an excuse to increase the rent. Buggers!

No one has control over my cost of housing. I’d love to refinance at a rate below 5.875% but can’t afford it right now. My monthly payments increase due to insurance and tax rates. However, it is worth the money. Per square foot, it is cheaper than renting. Less stress in some ways and more in others but I find bliss on the porch. I do read inside during the winter, but its much more fun on the porch. I want to stay in my home until I am physically or mentally incapable.

Sweet is Home.
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