Thursday, August 22, 2013


Learned on Facebook that a childhood friend had died of cancer. Morton had been ill with myriad illnesses for years and was on a transplant list. I had last seen him in November and he had the “gray” aura. We spoke about death. He was okay with making the transition but would miss his teenaged kids and hubby. I cried as I read the news at the computer. Morton was a terrific person. To reduce my malaise I spent time more with friends. Due to being out and about I didn’t notice until a couple days later that the fridge was 62 degrees. I lost a lot of food, had to spend time buying ice to salvage what I could, and arrange for another repairperson to fix the first person’s fuck up.

There was an odd Electro-Magnetic vibe in my garage for three days. My auto’s door opener and garage door opener remote would not work. Thankfully, the car battery was not drained and I could use the regular garage door switch to open and close the door. The car’s remote worked fine elsewhere but not at home. I had recently smudged the house and now I need to do the unattached garage and shed. Was it Morton???

Exhaustion threatened. I was sleeping at night (I’m happy to get 6 hours of sleep but its more like four). I kept falling asleep on the couch. I had trouble staying awake at work and doused myself with caffeine. There were lots of activities that I wanted to attend but I just could not drag myself out of the house. I really needed to mow the lawn. I was afraid that I’d fall over when I got done and have to crawl into the house. Thus, the grass grew as a result of the rain. I felt guilty for my sloth but my body demanded rest.

It was probably a combination of a stressful schedule and depression about Morton. His hubby is planning a celebration party and I will attend. It is always better to have a party than a sad ass funeral. During the two wild weeks, repair people came to my house five days. I’ll write about it later. Janice did apologize for not treating all her cats for fleas before she departed. Apparently the pests don’t bite her.

Seeing solice.
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