Thursday, January 16, 2014


Sadly, there are some books that I could not complete. Not my proverbial cup of tea…

In The House Upon The Dirt Between The Lake And The Woods by Matt Bell No Worms
Compelling poetic prose with bits of mythology is damaged by a labyrinth storyline.

Destined to Fly by Indigo Bloome Zero Worms
Third book in a series, which belittled females and focused on sado-masochism. Lead character clueless about psychiatry (I work with psychiatrists and know them well.)

Honor Thy Thug by Wahinda Clark Zed Worms
Excessive expletives and vicious violence decimated the story line. Ceased reading after a few of the unceasingly disturbing chapters.

The Gamal by Ciaran Collins Zip Worms
Story leaps around and is difficult to follow or care about the main character. Lots of swearing didn’t help. There is some strong writing but it was too distasteful to read.

King of Cuba by Cristina Garcia Missing Worms
Pseudo-reality was rather confusing. Characters preoccupied with sex and no reason to care for their fate.

Evil and the Mask by Fuminori Nakamura Zilch Worms
Neglect and psychological abuse warp a young man and the book documents his arduous journey to redemption. Perhaps something was lost in translation. Serious editing needed. [Translated from Japanese]

This Magnificent Desolation by Thomas O’Malley Devoid of Worms
Charming random thoughts and observations become annoying because the story doesn’t weave together. Final chapter is rushed and inconclusive.

Julia Stirs Up Trouble by Ann B. Ross Nada Worms
All characters of diversity are servants and the women are expected to be at home kitchen wizards. Blasted boring plot, too.

The Dream Maker by Jean-Christophe Rufin Lacking Worms
Historical novel which barely explores the main character’s emotions. No reason to care about his fate. [Translated from French by Alison Anderson]

At least they tried.
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