Thursday, January 9, 2014


Each morning I look for poop in the litter box. Gross, but true. I am happy that Tilly is eating, though not enough, and her GI tract is intact. She needs the calories to heal. Thankfully, her incision looks okay. It is a bit swollen but no signs of external infection or bleeding. Her blue flexible Liz collar is keeping her tongue and teeth away from the stitches.

Friday morning, January 3rd, I ran some errands. Procured books and videos from the library and a few essential food items. Sequestered Tilly to the bathroom but she didn’t seem to mind. Zozo gets the run of first floor and the basement when Tilly is in the restroom. Watched the film “Silver Linings Playbook” which was good but not great. The hospital would have conducted a thorough mouth check for medication and psychiatrist never would have come over to the house. Content that Tilly slept on my lap and Zozo on my right side while I viewed the film. Shoveled a bit of snow on Saturday morning. Tried to watch “The Big Lebowski” but turned if off due to the excessive amount of swearing. Swear words are like spice, a little is okay but too much ruins the flavor. Decided not to attend a social event, due to the chilly weather. I don’t trust my 14-year-old car at night in the cold and I don’t have AAA to bale me out.

Commenced with cleaning and organizing. I am far behind what I had planned to accomplish during the holiday break. I have devoted a lot of time tending to Tilly. She actually played on Saturday morning but I am concerned by her lack of appetite. Normally, she is a fully tummy kind of kitty. She likes to eat a little bit every hour. She isn’t overweight because she plays a lot and likes to chase Zozo. Zozo is a long lean cat whereas Tilly is a bit short and stout.

I still haven’t figured out how I will pay the nearly $2,600 bill for Tilly’s trauma. She is now worth her weight in gold (thereabouts), if you figure 8.5 pounds (before the operation) equals $19.11 per ounce or $305.88 per pound. That is a lot of purrs and cuddling! I had feared that a catastrophic event would occur while I was underemployed, I just didn’t figure that it would involve my wee feline.

Donations for Tilly’s trauma are immensely cherished at PS Part I of this non-fiction was published on Dec 29, 2013.

My sweet babu.
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