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Shorn from armpit to thigh the softest fur was removed revealing eight tiny nipples. The incision is stem to stern, six inches in length stretching from just below her ribs and down her stomach. The gash is held together with sixteen stitches and looks ghastly. It is slightly swollen and two quarter sized bruises mark where the forceps pinched the skin. Tilly’s diaphragmatic hernia operation occurred on the evening of Sunday, December 29th. (Part I was published on Dec 29, 2013.) Unfortunately, I do not own a digital camera or I would post a photo.

I wasn’t allowed to see Tilly right after her operation, probably because I had been crying so much. I dropped by on Monday morning on my way to work. She was rather spacey from the medications but was breathing better. The clinic had to place a “bolter” sign on her cage because when they opened the door she would run out. I reluctantly went to work. I called the clinic every two hours to check on her condition. The drive home was terrible due to slippery snowfall; it took an hour and a half to journey to the clinic. Tilly was doing much better but had a slight fever and didn’t want to eat much. I was content to have her purr and fall asleep with me stroking her ears. They said that she was extremely social.

I visited again on Tuesday, December 31st, morning and Tilly’s fever was finally gone. I hugged the surgeon out of gratitude. Tilly was curious and wanted to meet the other animals in the hospital. I called only once to procure an update about her status. I picked her up on the way home from work. Quick drive home in the cold. Thankfully, she is young and was in good shape before suddenly becoming ill on Saturday. She would have died without the surgery. I am too emotionally fragile to have another being that I love die since my mom died a couple months ago. The grief boiled up into a lot of tears during the past few days and sleepless nights.

“Tilly is a sweet girl and has been a very cooperative patient,” the Discharge Instructions further stated that, “Although Tilly has only eaten small amounts while in hospital, we feel she is stable to continue her recovery at home.” She is taking two medications: Buprenorphine 0.3mg/ml (pain medication) every twelve hours for five days; and Onsior 6mg tab (anti-inflammatory for her fever) one tablet a day for two days. “Tilly must be kept quiet at home for the next couple of weeks to allow for the incision to heal,” were further notes. She is wearing a blue E-collar, which is a more humane version of the standard hard Elizabethan collar. It does not permit her to reach her incision but can lick some parts of her body. The poor kitty will have to wear the collar for several weeks until her wound is healed.

I blocked off everything that she normally jumps upon, much to the chagrin of Zozo. Zozo began hissing at Tilly on Saturday and wasn’t happy about the hospital smell that permeated the patient. Tilly will sleep in the downstairs bathroom and only be permitted to saunter around on first floor until she gets the okay for jumping and stairs. Zozo isn’t happy that she too is restricted to first floor but I do let her sleep in the basement at night.

I cancelled plans for New Years Eve and stayed at home with my cats. I was perfectly content to have them curled up on my lap sleeping. I was so tired that I went to bed before midnight. 2014 has to be better than the past lap around the sun. Deeply concerned about my failing finances.

Donations for her operation are greatly appreciated at The current total is $2,522.83 (barring additional complications).

Have a great year!
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