Tuesday, January 28, 2014


After surgery Tilly became a picky eater. She wasn’t interested in her regular food and ignored a variety of treats. Her only consistent meal was the turkey flavored Whiskas Temptations treats. It was disconcerting. I couldn’t afford to feed her Temptations forever. Her typical weight of 8.5 pounds had dropped to 7.6 pounds but the doctor wasn’t too concerned. As long as she was eating, drinking, urinating, defecating, and acting normally I should not worry unless she loses more weight.

Because her internal stitches were still healing she was restricted to the first floor with all the tall areas covered with empty boxes. I would give her some wet food at night to coax her into the small bathroom on first floor to sleep. I gradually reduced the wet food so that she would consume more of the dry. She was highly disappointed the first night that she didn’t receive the extra treat. She meowed her objection to a dry treat very loudly.

Three weeks post-operation her six-inch external incision has healed except for a small one-inch segment. Thus, she had to continue to wear the soft Elizabethan collar which looks like a flat tutu. Her internal stitches are finally starting to dissolve so there is less of a ridge on her belly. For the first time, she did the full stretch while sleeping on my lap. She had relaxed so much that I think that she added four inches to her length. She must be feeling better and began to annoy Zozo again.

Tilly continues to be very cuddly. She likes to flop onto my chest with her back to my chin and get her chin scratched. She begins to purr and sometimes sleeps in that position. It is fine except when I wish to read a book or if I need to leave the couch for any reason. Zozo doesn’t like the collar but is treating Tilly almost normally. One month post-op I removed the collar, much to Tilly’s delight. Her fur is growing back slowly, it’s about an eighth of an inch long. However, until her internal stitches reduce I still have to restrict her to first floor.

I don’t regret Tilly’s operation. I am still emotional and cry easily, which is not regular behavior. A few kind people have donated to help towards the outrageously high medical bill. I will have to sell stuff to pay for it but Tilly is young and will compensate me with love. I would be honored by your contribution to www.gofundme.com/Ima-B-Musing Read about the whole adventure starting Dec 29, 2013.

Run Tilly Run!
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