Sunday, January 5, 2014


Only once did I get up during the night to check on Tilly’s first night home. I made certain that she was okay and try to coax her to eat. She sniffed at her regular food but did eat a few pieces of Whiskas Temptations turkey flavored snacks. Normally, they are treats but I will willingly let her eat the whole package because she needs the calories to heal.

New Year’s Day was rather dull. I was too worried to leave the house. I watched Tilly closely and would occasionally get her to nibble on food. I called all my friends to update them on her condition. Zozo isn’t hissing as much but not back to normal with Tilly. I placed a couch cushion below the radiator to reduce the jumping height and provide a softer landing pad. The radiator is the warmest location in the house so Tilly spent a lot of time sleeping there. I am sure her skin, internal diaphragm and stomach muscles are sore and hurt from the stitches.

She has been walking a bit funny because her right forearm was shaved for an intravenous line. I’m sure that it still hurts. Her back right leg is also shaved so they may have used it during the operation but it doesn’t seem to bother her. I gently massaged the areas around her incision and arm, which made her purr. Tilly has been eating a bit more. Lack of hunger is a side effect of the Onsior drug but she only has one more dose to take.

Due to lack of funds, I had procured movies from the library last week before Tilly got ill. Too damn cold to go outside. I watched “Beasts of the Southern Wild” which was very good. However, the boats would have been sucked through the breach in the levy. I also viewed “V is for Vendetta” because I had missed out on a lot of the dialogue when I saw it at the movie theater. It was nice to use close captioning. However, how did she get perfectly fitting clothes when she wasn’t at home?

Zozo snuggled up under the covers and Tilly slept on top. I was happy and relieved that she had survived three days post-operation. Happiness is a purring cat on your lap! Donations for Tilly’s ouch are wholly treasured at The current total is $2,522.83 (gasp).

PS Part I of this saga was published on Dec 29, 2013.

Happy 2014!
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