Thursday, March 14, 2013


Part Two of my odyssey to health, first entry was posted on March 10th.

Day 4 after the accident I went to work. Despite the lack of sleep, the morning was okay with pain at level 6 but after lunch it spiked up. I procured a couple prescriptions, muscle-relaxer during the daytime and pain killer to sleep at night. I visited a Community Clinic and the Medical Doctor prescribed Cyclobenzaprine and Tramadol. Went in for chiropractic treatment two which consisted of acupuncture and ultrasound. She was friendlier and less stressed than during our initial meeting. All was fine until the Chiropractic Doctor, Lily, said that I might have some disc damage. I must be x-rayed to illuminate my spine. Dang nab it all!

Ventured to a local pharmacy to procure the meds. Dutifully read the instructions before consuming the medication. Tramadol has a specific warning about St. John’s Wort. I consume St. John’s Wort during the winter months to help thwart Seasonal Affective Disorder. However, I will have to stop using it when I take Tramadol. It will take 24 hours to clear my system. The pharmacist advised taking the Cyclobenzaprine one pill dosage for the first night. I consumed the pill and it made me feel slightly nauseated but I did not throw up. I made it through the darkness without too much pain. It was good to sleep.

Day 5 and I awoke feeling better. Sore and stiff from the inflammation but better than the two previous days. Lily used a lot of needles on me so they must be stimulating the right nerves. It is uncomfortable and disconcerting to lie prone on my stomach for treatment. I had the day off to focus on job search. I spoke with the owner of the massage studio. She gave me a sales pitch to return since I really didn’t like the atmosphere of the space. Day 6 returned to work, had x-rays taken of my spine, and visited to the chiropractor.

The x-rays showed my mild case of spina bifita and that arthritis is already starting to form. There is scalloping along one side of my spine DISH, which she thinks is odd. It doesn’t hurt but why only on one side? One of my lower disks is starting to shift forward and out of alignment. I have to see a neurologist, which scares me. Acupuncture is helpful, my pain level is moderate but I am still very stiff and sore. Tramadol makes me extremely thirsty and constipated.

Day 7 went to a private studio for massage. It was gentle and did not cause pain but I really didn’t feel relaxed. I could smell cigarettes on the therapist. I need to locate a different venue. Day 8 snowfall. My nice neighbor shoveled my sidewalk. Lily has forbidden me from shoveling, my cats are lazy bums, and I can’t afford to hire anyone to clear away the fluffy stuff. It sucks to be poor and in pain. Stress increased by dealing with the process of repairing my car. If I use my insurance company, I have to pay the deductible and get reimbursed. If I use Jin’s company, they will take care of it all. I mentioned the name of Jin’s company and a friend of mine convinced me that it was in my best interest to use my own company to repair the car.

Rather depressed when the chiropractor said that it would take me at least six weeks to heal with a lot of ups and downs. I don’t have medical insurance since MCHA (Minnesota Comprehensive Medical Association) costs $750 for three months. I can’t afford that right now. I’ve already been flagged with a preexisting condition. I probably will never be able to obtain regular insurance, unless the 2014 healthcare law permits it. I’d rather spend my time cleaning the house than dealing with this crap. When you consider that I hate cleaning, I absolutely abhor dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident.

Riding the roller coaster.
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