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Decided to review popular adolescent fiction. My 30-something next-door neighbor gushed over Twilight when it was first released. I haven’t viewed any of the movies and only faintly remember hearing about the plot. Spoiler Alert: I will be discussing characters and story.

Twilight (first book in series) by Stephenie Meyer Two Worms
Old guy lusts after a young girl, modern update of an ancient story. Edward’s pedophilia is thinly veiled by the supernatural. At least Bella, the female lead, is a klutz and her parents are interesting. Writing is mediocre, but it is a slightly stimulating story.

New Moon (second book) by Stephenie Meyer Two Worms
Mystified that neither Bella’s parents nor the high school staff required her to receive psychological counseling. It was clear that she was depressed. Relieved that I didn’t have to read more of Bella’s lamentations when the author cleverly skipped several months of time. Jacob is the most compelling character.

Eclipse (third book) by Stephenie Meyer Two and a Half Worms
Edward’s control over Bella is abusive. Her obsession with him is tiring. Nauseated by her whining to become a vampire and mooning over his rapturous beauty. They clearly need a break from each other to gain some perspective. Jacob is the most fully developed character and the writing is improving. However, it is painfully evident where the story is headed. Descriptors are unnecessarily repeated (glower, growl, snarl, etc).

Breaking Dawn (fourth book) by Stephenie Meyer Three Worms
Sickening wedding and honeymoon scene, you’ll need an insulin shot to avoid a glucose coma. This is the 21st Century, repulsive for a woman to change her last name and become legal property of the male. Jacob’s narrative is strong but marred by derogatory jokes. Prologue spoiled the tale. Second half of the book is well written.

HINT: Read a summary of the first three books and spend time with the fourth.

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