Friday, March 29, 2013


$20,000 is what the State of Minnesota requires for auto insurance companies to cover for health related costs for each accident. I was rear-ended and immediately felt some whiplash pain. I visited a chiropractor the next day and have seen her thrice per week ever since the injury. I procured some medication for the pain, got x-rayed, and visited a message therapist once per week. After one month, I was finally feeling better.

Well, my auto insurance company is objected to my aggressive treatment. They refuse to pay the bills, some of which I paid out of my pocket, until I receive an Independent Medical Exam (IME). They will pay for a medical doctor to conduct the IME and because they are paying for the exam, the doctor has incentive to rule in their favor. I will probably be informed that I don’t qualify for any more treatment. I spoke with a lawyer and he said that IME’s only rule in favor of the patient about 30% of the time. I could hire him to appeal a negative ruling but it would cost money.

I have to choose between health and money. I fear being stuck with the medical bill and pain. I cannot afford any charges. The accident has already cost a lot of time but money is a bigger concern right now. I cancelled all the future messages and a meeting with a neurologist. The chiropractor said that she would “eat” to cost if the insurance company refused to pay the bill. Lily is an independent practitioner so she is being very magnanimous. I will barter my skills to pay for services because I wouldn’t feel comfortable having her lose funds. Sadly, the massage was just as helpful as acupuncture. I don't have health care insurance to cover any of the bills.

The lawyer stated that Travelers and State Farm are more supportive of their clients. I shall switch to one of those companies as soon as my health issues are resolved. I refuse to stay with a company that does not honor its pledge to customers. Meanwhile, I am really scared about the exam. At the very least, they should pay for all the bills to the point of the exam.

Insurance Companies = Mafia
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