Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Please read first segments, posted on December 7th, 2012 and January 31st, 2013. Teas are not listed in any specific order. To procure visit www.mrskellystea.com and tell them that you saw the review here! Mrs. Kelly’s Tea is a local Twin Cities business.

Fujian Woo Yee Oolong Flavorful, complex and earthy RECOMMENDED

Shou Mei White is subtle, oaky with a slight bitterness. Add a little sweetener and milk and its wonderful

Iron Goddess Oolong Multi-layered with a slight rice flavor. Very even notes, as the flavor does not rise or fall. No nasty aftertaste

Houjicha Green is tasty with a hint of rice

Jasmine Special Grade Green is bitter, yuck

Cherry Almond Vanilla White has visible almonds with a slight mellow cherry hue. Nice to crunch on the nuts after the tea has brewed

Peach Oolong Peach aroma with green undertones

Frambois Fleur Green has a pleasant essence

Chocolate Peppermint is disappointing, neither flavor is very strong

Moroccan Mint has just enough mint to cover the green leaf flavor

One more batch to test, look for the final part IV of the review at a later date.

Tea for two?
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