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PLEASE START WITH CHAPTER ONE, published on February 16th, 2013. This is a fictional story.

When I am busy, time flows by quickly. Changelings had adapted along with other humans to the physical condition of their environment. Their bodies were affected by the amount of daylight and humidity. They resided in areas suitable to sustain their sub-species. Otherwise, all Changelings are similar. They just want to have a good life and raise children. I could only be in one location at a time. It would take a year or more for news to travel from place to place before technology shortened the communications gap. I kept finding new places to visit. It was less complicated to travel as a male.

I intervened to rescue Changeling sub-species who were hunted by humans or other Changelings and improved my reputation. It was nice to be invited a Changeling community; the hosts would be gracious enough to provide food, clothing and shelter. I found happiness again. Long ago I learned how to determine what the local society considered valuable and procure it. Thus, I was able to purchase what I needed. A lot of calories are expended when transforming from one species to another. I needed food to maintain my position and nutrition isn’t free. I would stash valuables such as precious metals and stones in caches, but sometimes the goods would be absconded before I returned for them. Eventually, I used banks to store my finances.

After many years of solitude, I sought affection. I had learned long ago that sexual intimacy without emotion is merely a form of exercise. I loved the person that I was with until the relationship ended or they died. I was attracted to the soul of the person, not their body. My partner’s gender was not a concern. Since I could alter my physical appearance, it was easy to make certain that we were compatible. I could not reproduce as a male, though.

During my sojourns, I would occasionally discover a Hexen paradox: a magical person with kindhearted and empathic traits. They fought their evil nature and escaped from the callousness of their own tribe. I protected the Positive Witch/Warlock for as long as possible. If I mated with the Positive Warlock, I made certain that our Grimm child was raised in an optimistic environment. Tragically, sometimes my lovers were located and murdered by angry Changelings, fearful humans, or vengeful Hexens. Our children would be stolen and brainwashed by the Hexens to join the Royal Guard. I always feared for their safety.

I was fortunate when surviving “Good” Grimm children would reach maturity and challenge evil in all its forms. They would champion those oppressed by the Royals. They would lead a band of rebels and battle the Hexen. Their efforts saved the world from utter Hexen domination. They hunted and killed Wesen who harmed humans and transformed into the unofficial Sheriff of the Changeling community. Changelings could not determine the difference between a positive and negative Grimm so they feared all my children and their offspring.

We accidentally discovered that when the blood of a Grimm was absorbed by a Hexen, the evil shard of Tanis’ soul would be dispelled from the Hexen’s soul rendering them to be an ordinary witch/warlock. Perhaps it is because a miniscule portion of Tanis’ spirit is in each Grimm rendering their DNA incompatible. I did the best that I could but I could not stop all the tragedies that occurred. To err is Human and Changelings are a part of the Human clan.

Changelings lived harmoniously as valued members with most indigenous tribes. I spent time on the North American continent before heading south to venture to deep into the beautiful Amazon basin. Upon my return to modernity, it was agonizing to learn that the British government crushed the original occupants of the land through colonization. I ensured that the continent remained neutral Changeling territory; no Royals were allowed to establish themselves in the democratic governments that formed during the 1700s. One small victory.

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