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PLEASE BEGIN WITH CHAPTER ONE, published on February 16th, 2013. Rough draft of an imaginary fable, inspired by the television show, Grimm.

The Hexen Empire began to crumble during the French Revolution. Ordinary citizens demanded equal status and access to the wealth, which was disproportionately held by a tiny percentage of the population. The Great War usurped more of the monarchies and World War II deposed several more fiefdoms, many royals and their underlings died. Survivors scattered around the world. The remaining Crown Heads of Europe lost much of their wealth and power. They became symbolic patrons instead of political leaders. Hexen moved into cabinet positions in the new democratic and socialist governments but their heyday was over. The Changeling community was overjoyed.

During the 1980s I met a delightful artistic Hexen paradox, named Rudolpho. He had long dark hair, brown twinkly eyes, and a sweet smile. Love is a wonderful feeling and I became blissfully pregnant. We lived in a small safe community in Turkey and met a nice Grimm couple from America, the Burkhardts. They were both descended from Good Grimms who had immigrated to the United States. They were teaching English in a nearby village for a year. We became good friends but I never told them my real identity. I enjoyed spending time with my “children.”

We were celebrating the Burkhardt’s five-year wedding anniversary and bon voyage with a dinner at our abode. They were to return home the next week. Rudy was finishing a painting in his studio when I went out to greet Kelly and Reed at their car. As we returned to the house, the hair on the back of my neck began to stand on end. I knew what it meant and warned our guests. A gaggle of Hybrids attacked us. Even though I was eight months pregnant, I was able to fight alongside my friends and we managed to kill all but one of the Hybrids. However, it was too late for Rudy, he laid decapitated next to his easel.

I was bereft with heartache. I don’t even know when the labor pains began. I gave birth while grieving the loss of my beloved. The police cleared us of charges but could not repair my broken heart. I held my darling baby boy and wept. I was also sad that Burkhardts were about to return to the United States. I knew what I had to do. I called my lawyer and arranged for a private adoption. Nickolas became their son. I felt deep grief but I knew that optimistic people would raise him. They would protect him from becoming a servant of beasts. I hunted the final member of the Hybrid pack to learn who ordered the extermination of my family. The Hybrid confessed and but I was not ready to seek revenge.

I would check in on the Burkhardts and was satisfied with Nick’s progress. They told him that I was a cousin. Nick was a happy and loved child. I did not predict that Reed would have an affair with his wife’s best friend, Gina Serafini. Kelly found out, hired a Hybrid assassin to kill them, and fled. Nick’s aunt Marie Kessler did a fine job of raising him. I visited on several occasions. However, she chose not to take him through the Fledging process and it delayed the blooming of his Grimm skills. I must correct this error. Together we could avenge the murder of his biological father.

Thank you for reading this very rough draft of a possible origination story of the Grimm. My first venture into fiction. Please feel free to friend me on Facebook!

NOTE: The current series of Grimm will re-start on NBC on March 8th, 2013. I encourage you to view old episodes on their website.


May the Grimm be with you.
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